Delta Pi Epsilon Milestones

A Retrospection of 75 Years


  • Robert Mitchell University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  • Peter Meggison Massasoit Community College


Delta Pi Epsilon, Business education, History, Business Education Research


The year 1936 was a historic year globally with great turmoil being experienced politically, yet with major advancements in technology, the arts, and culture. The depression lingered in the United States, Germany broke the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler made mandatory that boys years 10-18 join Hitler’s Youth, the Hoover Dam was completed, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was opened to traffic, the first successful helicopter flight occurred, electric guitars made their debut, Gone with the Wind was published, the first edition of Life Magazine made its appearance, and Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the Berlin Summer Olympics. It was in this transitional environment that the pioneers in business education established a professional organization that would impact their field of study into the twenty-first century. 


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Mitchell, R., & Meggison, P. (2023). Delta Pi Epsilon Milestones: A Retrospection of 75 Years. Journal of Research In Business Education, 53(2), 60-65.

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