Teachers’ Perceptions of Integrating A Career Theory in The Career Preparedness Course


  • Jacoba L. Durrell Central Alabama Community College
  • Elisha Wohleb Auburn University
  • Leane Skinner Auburn University


career preparedness, integrative life plan, career and technical education,, career development, Millennials


The purpose of this research was to determine the perception of the Integrative Life Plan (ILP) and its usage in the career preparedness classroom and investigate the relationship between teachers’ perception and its usage in the classroom. A researcher-designed survey was used to analyze the data using descriptive statistics, ANOVA and Pearson product-moment regression. The targeted participants were Alabama career prepared teachers (N = 55). The results indicated there is a positive relationship between the perception of the ILP and its implementation in the classroom. Teachers perceived the ILP as important and was implemented 26% - 50% of the time in the classroom. Individual critical tasks of the ILP were perceived as important and implementation yielded varied results. This research determined this study should be repeated in other states and conducted as a longitudinal study with ILP as a career intervention in a career preparedness course.


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